Hi there! My name is Kevin. I decided to create this website after nearly going bankrupt throughout the 2008 crisis. I want to document my experience from the life I used to have to going through the financial crisis to finally where I am today.K-man-kevin

I used to live a life of luxury, I basically had it all and thought of myself as King (and I can get away with saying this because I don’t think I am anymore!). I was and still am to a certain extent someone that believed living life with other peoples’ money (OPM). Once the crisis hit I became immediately insolvent and felt shackled to my creditors. My debts became due and I owed way too many people way too much money. Sometimes you can work out a situation to pay it off gradually, or get by until you are making good money again. Unfortunately, they all called their debts at once. Everyone I owed also owed people, it was a cyclical disaster!

I had made the decision to bail and head to Canada from the UK when I was in my 30’s, so while I was familiar with a lot of things about Canada – I knew nothing about the Bankruptcy Act. I knew I couldn’t get back on a plane and flee from my debts by hiding from the UK, but past that I had no idea what my options were. I just knew I had to face the piper on this one. The financial system in Canada was at least a bit more stable so the atmosphere and attitudes of people around were a lot less hostile than the environment at home anyway. Follow along with my journey on how I navigated through all this noise.